“My business has never been so easy to run.”— Tim Hannig

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Automate and professionalize your marketing, back office and client relationships with Mago:Talent CRM

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Real reviews from real performers

I have completely fallen IN LOVE with the automation! This one feature alone has resulted in more bookings and has allowed my business run on autopilot.  I absolutely LOVE Mago.

daniel clemente,  Mt. joy, PA

In the six months I have been using Mago, it has not only transformed my business, but opened my eyes to a world of possibilities I never even knew existed. Its ability to keep you in touch with, and in the thoughts of clients, is a power that cannot be underestimated, This, along with the second to none support has made Mago the single best investment I have EVER made in my business.

Andy Larmouth, England

I’m saving so much time on the administrative side of things which gives me more time to devote to raising the actual quality of my shows... that’s huge! Now I have time to improve other areas of my business. And I have more time for my family. In short, Mago has helped me improve the quality of my life and you can’t put a price on that.

Cris Johnson, New York

Mago has transformed the way I do business, the way I do pleasure, and it has made me $10,000 extra a year following up on what I thought were dead leads. Start working on your business, not in your business. Make your life easier, get Mago.

Brock Edwards, Long Beach, CA

Professionally manage your entire business with mago and you'll...

Easily say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks

Effortlessly run your business from anywhere on Earth, 24/7

Quickly increase both new and repeat bookings

Automatically impress clients with your customer service

Systematically improve your cash flow & revenues

Naturally enjoy stress-free performance days

Regularly attract positive reviews and testimonials

Dramatically improve your professional reputation

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Here are just a few of Mago:Talent’s

best features...

No stone has been left unturned.  Mago® is the ultimate entertainer's CRM!

One-Screen Mission Control


No more cobbling together reports from 5 different software platforms! Your comprehensive Mago Dashboard shows the status of every lead, every gig, every payment, every sale, every email, every contract, and every venue in your sales process.

Intelligent Marketing Automation

Turn yesterday’s “No” into today’s “Yes” as Mago automatically reaches out to unsold leads on a regular schedule to keep yourself and your services top of mind. Replaces expensive email systems like Infusionsoft and Mailchimp with an even more robust email design process and sending mechanisms.

Day-of-Event Organization


Never show up at the wrong venue (or get lost on the way) again! The organizer and venue’s contact information, event schedule, your speaking schedule and notes are all available at a glance in the Mago app, right at your phone, almost everywhere in the world.

Off-Stage Business Management

Automate virtually every off-stage aspect of running your business, from marketing campaigns to lead capture and list management; from sending and signing contracts to accepting payment; from day-of-event logistics to post-show follow-up and so much more.

Instantaneous Lead Response


Stop losing gigs to performers who are just faster, not better! As many as 70% of customers choose the very first provider who contacts them. Mago’s built-in contact templates and emails make it incredibly simple to be the “first responder.”

One-stop solution


Stop cobbling your business together with incompatible software packages! With Mago, you can throw away Aweber, DocuSign and InfusionSoft, plus your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, your booking software and contacts manager. Mago can literally run every aspect of your off-stage work in your business.

Why You need mago

If you're like most solo entertainers, you're not just a one-person-show...

You're also running a one-person business!

You're in charge of the...

✓   Marketing

✓   Contracting

✓   Invoicing

✓   Booking Gigs

✓   Chasing Payments

✓   Customer Service

✓   Clerical Chores

✓   Scheduling

✓   Cultivating Customer Relationships

...and everything else that happens off-stage

For every hour you spend performing, how many hours of paperwork and follow-ups and details do you have to slog through? How many times do you have to type the same email and send the same contract?


Mago:Talent CRM is the all-in-one marketing, business management and CRM solution for performers, trainers, and speakers that will allow you to run your business at peak efficiency 24/7 from anywhere in the world, automatically.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you manage and track your relationship with a client from the first contact, through every interaction,  every invoice, and every booking and beyond. But Mago goes beyond the CRM to give you the marketing automation, planning and  booking capabilities that can help you take your career to the next level.


Use the most advanced booking systems on the market



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save $10/month

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The no-brainer, perfectly fit for any entertainer, one-stop solution that includes the following...


 World Class Performer CRM  |  1GB Cloud Storage

 Unlimited emails  |  Advanced automation engine

 30+ Sample templates  |  Real-time updates

 30 days money back guarantee!

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Mago Is Your...


✓     Virtual Marketer

✓     Virtual Booking Agent

✓     Virtual Customer Service Agent

✓     Virtual Bookkeeper

✓     Virtual Administrative Assistant


...working for you 24/7/365

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Mago:Talent CRM is the all-in-one marketing, business management and CRM solution for performers, trainers, and speakers that will allow you to run your business at peak efficiency 24/7 from anywhere in the world, automatically.

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